Marlise Keith - Now You Know

With a predominant form reminiscent of a mushroom, which tends to grow overnight and expand rapidly, Keith’s sculpture seems to continue protruding, expanding, and moving, much like the histories, memories, and experiences she references. Whilst we try to hold on to these various modes of evidence of our existence, they disappear within ourselves, disappear within other people’s evidence of their existence, perhaps becoming one, perhaps becoming none. It is these dualities that are presented in the binary of the real and fantastical, presented within this sculpture. It is these grey areas in which that which we may know, now may not be the same as before, or after.

Intrinsic to the creation of this sculpture was the collaborative process between the mosaic artisans and the artist; a slow process wherein their own histories, memories, and experiences met and grew together, forming this sculpture as the physical evidence of their existences. Whilst a 3-dimensional mosaic is not novel, it is a rare material interpretation in the South African context. For Keith and the Spier

Arts Academy apprentices (now artisans - Nadia Abrahams, Devon Lakay, Evile Gqirasheand Jean-Paul Volkwyn to name but a few), this was a first-time challenge for the artist and the mosaic studio where she taught. This is the notable quality of collaborative work; that even the most momentous tasks have the potential of succeeding through collaboration. At its core Now You Know is a manifestation of what collaboration looks like.

  • Marlise Keith - Now You Know
  • Rooftop X
  • 2020
  • Hand cut stone and Venetian smalti
  • 142 x 80 x 80 cm
  • Sold