Longing II

Artist statement:

"The body of work called Transforming explored the experiences within a liminal space of a displaced person that contributed to a hybrid identity. This body narrates my personal experiences as a white South African, Afrikaans-speaking woman affected by moving back and forth between Australia and South Africa. I present experiences within a space that were disruptive and traumatic as visualised ceramic sculptures. I document spaces of my past as memories on ceramic surfaces and shaped ‘markers’ as pods of time elapsed. The intentionally awkward looking sculptures represent a shedding process of the past place but also a cathartic process of dealing with change and differences. The colourful pieces depict the transformation of my identity, and the combination of the texture, colour, and shape depicts the new hybrid identity that inhabits me."

  • Longing II
  • Viola Greyling
  • 2022
  • Ceramics
  • 35 x 35 x 26
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