Lithabo Mmoa - The Bitter Pill

In the body of work I comment on how society creates toxic masculinity with the ideologies that to be considered a man you must be physically strong/tough. The work is composed of a pill like bottle with a pop art approach that has exaggerated pills around it with also an impression of a hand imprint in the middle of the bottle. Society portrays physical toughness as a symbol of strength in men and this leaves a scar in my who deform themselves to live up the standards laid out for them. The hand imprint on the glass portrays how I use my creativity as my strength which enables me to bend and deform the bottle of pills without breaking it of which many who are considered tough tough can never be able to change the shape of glass without breaking. In this work I say that I do not to be physically strong to prove myself to be a man because my strength lies within my creativity.

  • Lithabo Mmoa - The Bitter Pill
  • 2023
  • Glass
  • 18x11x7.5
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