Kopano Mosea - Protectors

As an artist, I am interested in creating work that calls the participation of the audience to the same extent as involved in it. I started making art in high school, it had been my passion to make art and pursue it. I am committed to the daily of making beautiful sculptural objects and insistent about creating with my hands. I make 3D objects with glass and clay, my work is more about the process as it is the outcome, each step is as important as the next. From making the materials to throwing, structuring, trimming, glazing, firing, glass blowing, and painting. My concept for the year is seashells, I seek to evoke nostalgia for the future by making sculptural shells that speak to how each shell has its unique way of life. They are a potent symbol of self -reliance because the mollusks make their own life and create their own protection shields to survive, and humans can do the same. The reason why I’m making seashells is that they remind me that life is never perfect but it is our perseverance that gets us through the challenges we face, each shell is unique which helps us to see the unique beauty in ourselves by simply holding a shell in your palm and admiring its distinct shape, color, and pattern.I make sculptural objects to be seen among those fond of beauty and decorations at home. Handmade pottery and glass work is complete human expression not an interpretation of unable objects that only address standard.

  • Kopano Mosea - Protectors
  • 2023
  • Ceramics
  • 15x25
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