Kgomotso Mtsweni - Beauty Filter Series

My work takes a critical view on  perception of beauty, beauty Activism and feminism. Portraying how modern society has influenced how beauty is perceived. My work is highly influenced by pop art and appropriation art. I use glass and clay to create my artworks. I tell  women’s struggles with my art as most women feel pressurized to change their appearance to try their best to match society’s beauty standard. I also show what I think beauty means to me and how I can relate to society’s beauty standards through my artworks. 

I use different techniques to create my artworks such as handbuilding, mould, painting and throwing on wheel. My work is mainly on the factors that are caused by society’s perception such as unrealistic  beauty standards, media influences on beauty and evolving beauty standards. A comestic installation, which is part of my work that shows how modern women enhance their beauty to fit in and as a confidence booster. My work focuses both on the positive side of it and the negative impacts of society’s view on beauty standards. 

  • Kgomotso Mtsweni - Beauty Filter Series
  • 3D Student Exhibition - New Torchbearers
  • 2023
  • Glass
  • 53x34x14
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