Karin Linjes - Memory Box

When I saw the title of the exhibition, when I received the invitation to propose work for the show “I am worthy” at The Viewing Room, it resonated with the argon blue neon work, “But I’ve never been a calm blue sea” This phrase comes from a song, “Storms” by Stevie Nicks. And when both phrases are put together it reads: “I am worthy but I’ve never been a calm blue sea.”

In my art practise I expand, negotiate and give attention to finding new reflections of who I am, that lie beneath the surface. It is not easy being worthy and standing one’s ground. It can be a hard battle of excruciating pain and trauma. The colour blue refers to the unlanguaged parts, embodying a reflection beyond a single idea and is like having a constellation of stars inside one’s Being. These are all reminders of my purpose and path. A reminder I am worthy. 

  • Karin Linjes - Memory Box
  • I am Worthy
  • Mixed Media
  • 65 x 36 x 13 cm