Joyce Carreira - Sungazer


Joyce Carreira grew up in Pretoria, South Africa where from a young age it was apparent that her interests and talents lay in the arts. After matriculating from Pro-Arte High School in 1990, she decided to further her art studies at the University of Pretoria.

Upon completing her degree in Fine Arts (majored in Sculpture and Print Making), she undertook an extensive tour of Europe and Africa before being appointed as an Art Teacher at Pro-Arte High School and later the National School of the Arts. In 2003, she decided to become a full-time artist.

Joyce specializes in human anatomy and this has led her on a journey of discovery into the depiction of the female form. Joyce has established herself as a distinguished sculptor.

Her unique interpretation of the beauty and sensuality of the human figure can be seen in her paintings and sculptures. Her work exudes a certain raw earthiness which is achieved through the use of bronze, mixed media, oils, and charcoals on wood. Her figures are approached sculpturally in a combination of monochromatic textures and light reflections.

  • Joyce Carreira - Sungazer
  • Rooftop X
  • Bronze
  • 60 x 50 x 50 cm
  • ZAR 35,000.00 (incl VAT)