Jolie Graca - Eve


Eve is an artwork based on the relationship between Adam and Eve - the first introduction to human life God made. I show Eve's side of the story. I wondered about how she felt after being decieved and eating the apple. Perhaps feelings of regret, a distancing from Adam after he kind of left her to take responsibility about the entering of sin into the world. There are these soft pink tones of her gentleness and femininity, but also the deep burgundy in the clothing elements to show the deep sense of shame she felt. This resulted in sewing of fig leaves in order to cover herself after being decieved by the snake. And yet, her identity was not the shame but the meaning of her name -
Eve: to give life.

  • Jolie Graca - Eve
  • African Creation Stories
  • Mixed Media
  • Framed
  • 96 x 70 cm
  • ZAR 5,500.00