Jolie Graca - Begin

Artist Statement /Bios

In this body of work I was captivated by trying to figure out how to start my own visual interpretation of the creation story from a biblical standpoint. The African story I was given showed a lot of symbolism and inspiration from Genesis. The beginning of creation - How God created the Heavens and the Earth as well as story of Adam and Eve. I use different materials that show the vast beauty and variation of God creating the world. I guess nearing the end of making this work what stood out in my mind were the first words in the Bible: In the Beginning.. Later on I realised woahhh by God creating us and everything we see, it's like a clue on how to start anything. Just Begin.
And so I began. Well, and I overthought. But while I thought, I kept creating. I use the abstract genre to enter a new space of creating - and fashion elements as a way that ties into Adam and Eve's shame leading them into sewing fig leaves to cover themselves. I use the hand stitched elements throughout the artworks to interpret this.

  • Jolie Graca - Begin
  • African Creation Stories
  • Mixed Media
  • Framed
  • 96 x 70 cm