It ends with me #2

Pregnancy for most women is a phase in their lives which is something to be celebrated. They plan, dream, and fantasize what life will be like once becoming a mother. Their imagination can run wild, wondering what their baby will look like, and who’s personality traits their child will inherit from which parent.  During their second trimester, as increased hormones are released, women are often described as blooming or glowing.  I think their disposition can generally be described as sweet and benign.

However, pregnancy for some people can be devastatingly unpleasant. ‘It ends with me #2’ is an artwork based on the fears I have of becoming pregnant and the detrimental consequences that could ensue.  I have Bipolar Disorder Type 1, for which I receive medication and the slightest alteration in my medication can have dire repercussions. It could well result in either full blown depression or me becoming manic. Just the mere thought of either stopping or altering my medication for any length of time, can deal a deadly blow to my mental wellbeing.

In this work, the outline of which is shaped like an ultrasound pregnancy scan, I have painted my torso with acrylic paint and effectively used my naked body as a broad brush, expressing my raw emotions directly onto mount board.

For any number of reasons there are many of us who will never pass on their genetic lineage.  For some it’s simply a matter of choice, but for others the option to do so could be lethal.  Regardless of what your personal reasons might be, I hope “It ends with me…” resonates with you.

  • It ends with me #2
  • Nicole Rowe
  • Body art (Torso) on alpha cellulose conservation backing and surface paper mountboard with flesh glass
  • 64cm x 84 centimeters
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