My art is inspired by the internal and external experience I had and currently experiencing in my life, with that it has also inspired my art to change. These portraits and figures are a dialogue with myself, I explore vulnerabilities as a man trying to navigate life and dealing with emotions. I investigate my own emotions and struggles as a young man. I apply thick layers of paint and use impasto as a technique to achieve the feeling I’m trying to relay.

The butterfly in my work represents hope and change that resides within us. One encounters a butterfly as a motif through my work as a symbol which recognises, change and conquers circumstance. In my work how hood can serve as an antidote, a symbol and instrument that people can turn to in whichever circumstance they find themselves in.

I don’t give facial definition in some paintings, that is to give space for imagination from the viewer, to see themselves in a painting, to interact with a painting on a deeper level. Mostly focused on portraiture or semi-nude figures as I believe that is our most intimate state.

  • Healer
  • Samkelo Matomela
  • 2024
  • Oil and Acrylic on canvas
  • 91 x 72 centimeters
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