Good Over Evil

The artist often references colonial and ancestral stories of the world’s diasporas that are ever present and recurring over generations.

Here, the artist shows a battle between two sides of ancestral history. There are ghosts of the good and those of evil that constantly plague us.

Memories are caught in a web of entanglement, imprisoning Death as an ever-present part of life. Only through conquering our demons and shedding our ancestral pasts can we find balance on this delicate thread of life.

Putter uses symbology throughout her work. Here we see a snake that is symbolic of rebirth and shedding of the old skin, a lizard – symbolizing patience and lastly, the spider, known for its industrious nature - despite losing its home, is balanced evenly on a single thread of the web.

  • Good Over Evil
  • Vas Putter
  • Colour Reduction Lino Print
  • Edition of 20
  • 30 x 30
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