Estian Gericke - Triumphantly Fading

Sculptures of “important” individuals always embody the person as being strong, beautiful and trustworthy. However, it is very easy to be deceived in the way politicians or celebrities are portrayed which can make one think of them being ‘gods’. In this work I wanted to create a figure which appears as if it is melting (fading) while slowly exposing its rusted structure underneath. The pure glans outside represents promises, wealth, and faith which slowly fades away which shows the lies, greed and disbelief that is applicable to governments, and politicians. The hands of the figure have almost completely faded away signifying that people in power don’t have things under control. The left foot stabilises the entire body while the right foot is almost free-standing which shows how the small minority (foot) of the country needs to support the vast majority (body) while the supporting system (feet) are slowly collapsing. The abs (stomach muscles) are prominent, indicating how politicians try to act tough while things are falling apart. The figure is made hollow to symbolise how the outside beauty of the aluminium (propaganda) ends up to be empty lies.

  • Estian Gericke - Triumphantly Fading
  • Off The Wall - Studio Sale
  • Aluminium and steel
  • 86 x 25 x 25 cm
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