Estian Gericke - Mind-blowing

Mind-Blowing illustrates the mind of artists or creative individuals who express themselves on various levels in society such as with sculpture, poetry, science etc. “Mind-Blowing” can be seen as both emotional and physical. As humans in order to adapt, improve or create something extraordinary we need to think beyond the ‘box’ or in this instance the mind. Emotionally we need to share our ideas, thoughts with others in order for it to translate into the physical world. An artist’s mind is constantly gaining inspiration from the world around him or her, but ideas need to be moulded into the tangible to create the “Mind-Blowing” experience for the perceiver in the physical form.   The contrast in the body and the aluminium top symbolises the broken bodies we gain throughout our lives. It is physical and emotional damage. The figure’s feet are different along with its asymmetrical body and the different bars of steel reflect how in life we get bent, injured and change which can be regarded as negative or positive.

The aluminium top is the focus point of the sculpture, indicating that although the human body gets old, broken and irrelevant- the mind will continue to amaze.

  • Estian Gericke - Mind-blowing
  • Off The Wall - Studio Sale
  • Aluminium and steel
  • 43 x 22 x 15 cm
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