My artwork explores the metaphor of skin as a delicate yet resilient bubble, reflecting both physical and emotional landscapes. By delving into the complexity of identity, I examine the tension between  inner and outer identities. Skin, as a dynamic and fluid connection, not only protects but also reveals our innermost selves. Its dual nature—soft yet fragile, susceptible yet healing—symbolises vulnerability and strength. This exploration extends to the cultural and personal significance of skin, challenging it as a fixed boundary and presenting it as abstract connections in a polarised world. Through themes of light, transparency, fragility, and fluidity, my work contemplates the transient nature of life and the search for true self-expression and understanding. I invite viewers to reflect on the intricate layers of self-perception and the beauty and fragility of human existence.

  • Azanda Nyangintsimbi
  • 2024
  • Charcoal on paper
  • 144 x 104 centimeters
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