In “Dawn & Divinity” I celebrate the profound beauty and cultural richness of black women's hair as a symbol of royalty and resilience. Each piece portrays black women adorned in white garments and exquisite gold jewelry, with their hair styled in magnificent crowns of diverse shapes and forms. Charcoal and pastel bring to life the intricate details and textures, emphasizing the versatility and artistic mastery inherent in each hairstyle. Set against backgrounds adorned with soft, flowing forms— symbolizing freedom, gentleness, and the vibrant aura of femininity—the artworks transcend mere depiction to evoke a deeper appreciation for the strength and beauty of femininity. These soft bubble like forms serve as a backdrop that enhances the subjects' regal presence while inviting viewers to contemplate the multifaceted roles and identities black women embody effortlessly. Through "Dawn & Divinity" I aim to challenge stereotypes and celebrate the inherent artistry of black hair, encouraging viewers to embrace and celebrate its diversity. By presenting black women as royalty adorned with their natural crowns, I invite viewers to recognize and honor the resilience, beauty, and strength that characterize black femininity. May these artworks inspire a renewed sense of pride and appreciation for the cultural heritage and artistic expression found within black women's hair. 

  • Divinity
  • Thulani Tsamela
  • 2024
  • Charcoal, pastels and acrylic on brown paper
  • 99 x 110 centimeters
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