Ditiro Mashigo - Ancient Hand

Artist Statemnet

"My artistic expression revolves around gratitude and spirituality. Each of my works represents a narrative, guided by a strong connection to my faith and an appreciation for God's enduring mercies. Through the overlaying of light, texture, and space, I aim to create iconographic images that are inspired by the sensory experiences of the seen, felt, and heard. During the creative process, I find solace in worship music, allowing it to transport me to a realm of pure artistic immersion. In this state, I lock out the physical world, enabling the music to set the tone for the harmonized movement forms that I use to explore the unseen. Music serves as the driving force behind my artistic temperament and fuels my connection with worship. My goal is to evoke emotions and spiritual connections through my art, inviting viewers to join me in expressing gratitude and reverence for the divine." Overall, my artistic journey is a captivating blend of my educational expertise, passion for art and fashion, and profound spiritual experiences.

  • Ditiro Mashigo - Ancient Hand
  • 2023
  • Screen print and embroidery on Fabriano
  • 99.5 x 70 centimeters
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