Deep Reflection

The Lino block is cut and printed by hand on 285g Fabriano paper. All prints are individually hand colored by Theo with acrylic ink. Theo keeps the print edition low and only prints 10, 15 or a maximum of 20. All works are printed prior to an exhibition as the Lino block is painted in oil and sold once the edition has been printed.

The original Linocut finished in oil paint is unique and remains a sought after item. This also makes the prints more exclusive as the artist cannot reprint a second edition.

Theo Paul Vorster’s is well known for his lino cuts. He loves the three dimensional quality of carving into Lino. As the print is black and white it also allows him to experiment with color.

The Lino block is conceptualized by Theo using a specific theme for every new exhibition. He spends a long time planning and creating the artwork before transferring the image to the Lino block.  To carve a medium sized block can take up to 4 days.

Theo is known for creating unique pieces of art with lively line work, vibrant colors and a whimsical thematic approach. His work ultimately transports viewers into an energized dimension. 

  • Deep Reflection
  • Theo Paul Vorster
  • Multimedia on vellum paper.
  • 33x25cm (Image)
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