Bridget Modema - Law of Octaves

Artist statement:

My work explores the relationship between the bodily response to sound and geometric patterns. With influences as diverse as the musical scale to how the neuro- and nervous system correspondences to vibrations on a cellular level. New combinations are synthesised from both simple and complex narratives. Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the vibratory language of the universe and how our thoughts, feelings and emotions are connected to the environment and the people or even places we encounter. You can think of Law of Octaves as a molecule of sound present within the ‘now’, the unseen made seen and a pure enjoyment of a bodily experience with the environment you find yourself in. What starts out as yearning soon becomes a fabrication of a universal language that is unseen but embodied within us all. As shifting phenomena becomes frozen through studious and repetitive practice, the viewer is left with a hymn to the edges of our existence.

Short Artist Biography

Bridget Modema is a South African, Gauteng-based visual artist and reiki practitioner. She works in multiple forms including sculpture, sound art, installation art, and visionary art.

Modema is the founder of Modema Fine Art and Visionary Construction Technology. She recently placed in the top 10 UJ MTN Portrait Awards (2018). She apprenticed from 2013 to 20

glass and smelting techniques, mould making, stainless steel and bronze work.

She has exhibited locally and internationally (Mozambique, Venice). She has also participated in career development programs including Art Source, Artist Career Boot Camp (2019),

Preparatory Programme, Pretoria Art Museum (2016). Her work is in collections at the Department of Arts and Culture Pretoria, and Pretoria Art Museum.

Modema is currently finishing her MFA from the University of Pretoria as well as completing her online Metaphysics degree, through University of Metaphysics, Arizona.

  • Bridget Modema - Law of Octaves
  • Rooftop X
  • Building material and recycled glass with LED
  • Installation
  • 27 x 28 x 28 cm
  • ZAR 6,500.00 (incl VAT)