Bella Lugosi

The two mixed media works comprise the anima (feminine component of a man’s unconscious.) and animus (masculine component of woman’s unconscious) and a reclamation/repossession of nature. From an ontological stance, the artworks portray inner and outer relationships between self and the world. The selected flowers were carefully considered as beautiful yet deadly if ingested. The artwork Bella Lugosi pays homage to the first actor portraying Dracula but so too is the nickname of the vampire lily. Rafflesia Amorpho combines the corpse flower and the stinking corpse lilly, the foul/pungent stench as remarkable as the sheer size. The figuration appears ambiguous, in one instance faceless, the other sightless. One might wonder if they are sleeping, dreaming, or in fact dead.     

  • Bella Lugosi
  • Minien Hattingh
  • Mixed media on canvas
  • 21 x 15 centimeters
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