African III

"Since I was a child in Mozambique I knew that I wanted to be an artist. Growing up, I experienced art by joining other groups of artists. My work at that time wasn’t of a good standard. When I moved to South Africa, almost 10 years ago now, my work has developed and gone through many changes and transitions. My work is largely about the life and perspective of people in Mozambique and South Africa. Since graduating from Artist Proof Studio, I have produced numerous etchings on steel plates, and each time I explore new aspects of intaglio techniques. This is a constant and intense process of discovery and experimentation. In my work, I have begun to challenge the scale and depth of the images through printing on a large scale and joining plates to make up landscapes and cityscapes that engulf the viewer. In these works, perspective and depth are explored and emphasised."

  • African III
  • Mario Pedro Soares
  • 2019
  • Etching on Paper
  • 2 of 20
  • 210x280mm (Image Size)
  • ZAR 2,500.00
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