Adri Rademeyer - Hindsight

Adri Rademeyer - Artist Statement

I Am Worthy is not merely the title of a song. For many of us, it is a dream, a wish, a fleeting idea. It is strange how little children do not need to be reminded of such things.

“Insight” and “Hindsight” aim to make personal commentary on the notion of self-worth through the lens of my memory of my grandmothers. Both women lived their lives vicariously through their husbands and children. Both fell victim to social norms and expectations and suffered numerous regrets.  However, both taught me the significance of self-respect and gratitude, the power of resilience, and the weight of regret.

Both women are powerful in their own right, brave but cautious, strong yet gentle, like most grandmothers.

The bedrock of a community.  

  • Adri Rademeyer - Hindsight
  • Pencil on paper
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