When Is It Enough by Rika Haasbroek

Published 04 July 2024 in Exhibition Blogs

Sweet But Deadly Exhibition

The sculpture "When Is It Enough" by Rika Haasbroek delves into the intricate themes of attraction, risk, and the perils associated with plastic surgery. This piece poignantly reflects societal pressures, particularly on women, to maintain a youthful appearance. The marketing of anti-aging skincare, cosmetics, and fashion trends emphasizing youthfulness highlight these pressures. Within social circles and workplaces, there's a subtle yet persistent expectation for women to look young and vibrant, influencing many to alter their appearances surgically.
While plastic surgery can offer significant benefits, such as boosting self-esteem, correcting physical imperfections, and enhancing confidence and overall well-being, there's a darker side to consider. The critical question of "when is it enough" addresses the overlooked risks of excessive procedures. Overindulgence in plastic surgery can lead to health complications, unrealistic expectations, and even addiction to altering one's appearance.
The feminine sculpture intricately captures the pre-surgery lines and markings, essential guides for the surgeon. Her puzzle piece dress serves as a profound metaphor for her individuality. Just like puzzle pieces, each unique aspect of her life, experiences, and past comes together to form a larger, more intricate picture. This representation eloquently captures how our diverse experiences—both positive and negative, past and present—shape our identity and the choices we make.
This artwork stands as a thought-provoking commentary on the delicate balance between enhancing one's features and staying true to one's natural self.
When Is It Enough
Rika Haasbroek
Stoneware with 24-carat gold accents
31 x 21 x 14 centimeters

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