Up and Coming Exhibition to Save the Artists

Published 17 February 2023 in Exhibition Blogs

To start off our new year, our first exhibition is a multi-media, group exhibition in which the artists are telling their stories of their journeys with art through their art. 

This exhibition was conceived after many discussions with so many artists, but finally came to a conceptual realization after a very candid discussion between The Viewing Room Team, Joyce Carriera and Sanna Swart.

Artists are caring, informed, committed and empathetic to the issues that surround us in our modern day lifestyle. They very often highlight these very issues in their artworks in the hopes to bring more awareness to the public of everything from socio-economic, to equality and conservation issues. And so, when fundraising organisations are trying to raise funds to aid in these various issues, the artists are often their first point of call and requested to donate works to auction. 

But who comes to the aid of artists?

In this exhibition, artists were asked to use a recognisable Rhino. This shape was chosen because most people know and understand the ongoing plight of the rhino and how they are constantly just teetering on the brink of extinction. Within this shape the artists were asked to present the artists struggles of survival. 

Please join us for this group exhibition and show your support to the artists who spend their lives enriching ours. 

 Do come and support on February 25th from 11am until 2pm, running throughout March.

By Cassandra and Sammy

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