Published 02 May 2024 in The Viewing Room Art Gallery

An odyssey, characterized by a long and transformative journey, serves as the thematic foundation. Inspired by Homer's epic poem, "The Odyssey," Throughout his travels, Odysseus encounters numerous obstacles, including mythical creatures, natural disasters, and divine intervention, all of which test his courage, intelligence, and perseverance.  Odyssey unfolds as an extended open studio at The Viewing Room Gallery, embarking on a journey of artistic discovery.  The exhibition embodies the spirit of adventure, challenges, and growth.

Seretse Moletsane invites you to Immerse yourself in his artistic process and journey while offering the viewer an opportunity to witness the fusion of ideas and mediums in a dynamic exhibition. Delve into his personal odyssey with art and experience him as an emphathic, spiritually inclined individual, artist, mentor, curator, and art collector.

Odyssey is an exploration in of a diverse body of work conceptually rooted in intuitive art and while tapping into the mundane, spirituality, and ancestry across through photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture.

We are very excited about this exhibition opening and can’t wait to see all of you there!

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