Language and Art in Nellien Brewer’s Pigeon

Published 09 April 2024 in The Viewing Room Art Gallery

Language and Art in Nellien Brewer’s Pigeon

A pigeon meticulously crafted from written words is one of the many mesmerizing works by Brewer in the exhibition. Each feather, each detail, is painstakingly composed of letters, forming a cohesive whole that captures the essence of the bird and the associations the artist holds with this creature. The pigeon, a symbol of urban life, as well as spirituality, is rendered here as a reminder to lift our gaze from screens and observe the world around us. Its form encourages viewers to pause, reflect, and perhaps reconsider the constant pull of technology. Through this poignant piece, the artist challenges us to embrace moments of connection through our associations to symbols and words that mean so much more than mere communication on any platform.

Look Up! and Fly with us.

We are excited to welcome our new exhibition Look Up!. Inspired by the simple, yet pivotal act of averting one's eyes from a screen, the exhibition is filled with works that embrace appreciating the moments we inhabit beyond our connectedness to technology.

Artists were prompted to interpret the theme of 'flying' in their work, a term representing the sensation of craning one's neck, opening your eyes, and realising the true beauty of simply  looking up and letting one's imagination soar.

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