From the start: Artists and the Fantastical- Alicia Loxton’s Hamlet

Published 09 April 2024 in The Viewing Room Art Gallery

From the start: Artists and the Fantastical- Alicia Loxton’s Hamlet

People are often drawn to the technological realm because of the presence of the impossible. Here we are able to find unimaginable worlds and uncanny characters. Yet, what we often forget about the impossible is its origin in reality, and furthermore, the minds of people. As shown in the work Hamlet by Alecia Loxton, we may find the wonderfully absurd around us, and often at the hands of artists. This work in all its masterful madness, forces one to ask more questions, and reminds us that artists were the original creators of all our beloved fictions and fantasies.  

Look Up! and Fly with us this March.

We are excited to welcome our new exhibition Look Up!. Inspired by the simple, yet pivotal act of averting one's eyes from a screen, the exhibition is filled with works that embrace appreciating the moments we inhabit beyond our connectedness to technology.

Artists were prompted to interpret the theme of 'flying' in their work, a term representing the sensation of craning one's neck, opening your eyes, and realising the true beauty of simply  looking up and letting one's imagination soar.

We hope you will join us on the 9th of March at 11h00 to once again remind ourselves of looking up, and being rewarded by that which we then may encounter.

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