Emerging Visions: TUT's Contemporary Painters 18 November to 2nd December

Published 11 December 2023 in Exhibition Blogs

Alicia Ferreira

The Viewing Room Art Gallery has recently collaborated with the Tshwane University of

Technology (TUT) art students to present Emerging Visions: TUT's Contemporary Painters.

This exhibition showcases the printmaking and painting artworks of second-year, third-year,

Advanced Diploma, and Postgraduate Diploma students.

Each artwork contains unique metaphors and symbolism that, together, display the story of

the students’ artistic journeys. But more than that, the exhibition is also a celebration of the

human experience. We are faced with multiple ways in which students experience their

realities, which then feed into each other to create one interlinked story. This is seen in the

contrasting canvases, some of which contain vivid hues, and others which are more muted.

The artworks create a full visual experience for viewers to enjoy.

What makes the exhibition stand out is its ability to transcend the confines of conventional

artistic expression. Each canvas is a window into the artist's soul, a testament to the depth of

insight and courage it takes to lay bare personal experiences, cultural narratives, and societal

reflections. Emerging Visions is then more than an exhibition; it's a journey through the minds

of these contemporary painters who fearlessly navigate the uncharted territories of artistic

expression. It prompts us to reflect on our own perceptions and invites us to appreciate the

multitude of voices that contribute to the rich tapestry of the art world. TUT's Contemporary

Painters have indeed crafted an extraordinary narrative, inviting us to celebrate the

convergence of artistic innovation and learning.

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