CROSSROADS: Tsela tse pedi. Artist, Andrea Moses

Published 12 April 2024 in Artist Blogs


My name is Andrea Moses, I grew up in a small township called Eersterus in Pretoria. I hold a Diploma in Fine and Applied Arts from the Tshwane University of Technology. I specialise in fibre arts and my works speaks on body dysmorphia and women empowerment. My inspiration came from my transition of becoming a mother and how affected me as a young woman starting to get feel uncomfortable in my skin and how much discomfort it brought within my soul.

Artist statement

I am an artist practicing in fibre arts and my work is influenced by the rich tapestry of experiences withing my coloured households and the resilience of women who surrounds me. My work also touches on body dysmorphia and the hardship women go through during motherhood.

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