Blooming in the Dark Stage 6 Conversations

Published 09 August 2022 in Exhibition Blogs

Live conversations

This exhibition, which opened last Saturday (6th), was conceptualised by Sammy Müller, Viola Greyling, and an old school friend. And the curation was accomplished yet again by Sammy with help from Viola and Marilise Snyman.

Firstly, as mentioned in the previous blog talking with various artists in this exhibit, the works we received surprised us by their creativity, beauty, and energy. The magnetic works by Martini Coetzee with the alluring works by Inanda Page and Heidi Mielke’s peaceful and stunning prints, all alongside Sybrand Wiechers sculptures quite aptly reflecting our emotions and attitudes towards loadshedding (and the government) at the moment.

What was truly beautiful was how some works are what they are (“It is what it is” quoted by Heidi Mielke) and others are fantastic commentaries on our dark situation. This variety created interesting discussions and observations: Heidi’s “It’s Behind Me…Isn’t It” was interpreted more than “what it is”; as glowing and shining through the dark, and put in relation to her “Sea Dragon” (lino print of a sea horse) in thinking of sinking to your deepest and lowest to become more than you ever imagined (thanks Nicholas).

Something a little more interactive was introduced with Benjamin Mitchley’s “Stairway to Another World” which is animated using the Artivive app, creating an animation of progressing though his artwork. Even better: the work itself is an illusion and quite captivating. Other works which took hours and serious concentration were created by Emlee Myburgh with various guests having to double-check that her works really are created by hand with a fine-liner and are not actually prints via computer designs. Nope: fine-liner all the way for Emlee!

So as a quick summary I hope its been appropriately hinted at that Saturday was an absolute blast and success for the artists, visitors and the gallery. Beautiful and some quirky works were brought together to create an energetic, magnetic and overall brilliant exhibition. The conversations between artists, and between artists and art enthusiasts were delightful, captivating, and some rather entertaining. One of the best outcomes may be that what resulted was a positive showcasing of works – the artists brought positive spins and attitudes through their works, instead of getting stuck in the emotions of frustrations or demotivation that loadshedding tends to evoke in us. These works really are a shining light, blooming in the dark, during some dark – literally, figuratively, and personally – times.

So, thank you. Thank you to Sammy, Viola, Edmond and Naomi for bringing it all together.

- Cassandra Comins

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