Save the Artist - An Endangered Breed

February 25, 2023 - April 08, 2023

492 Fehrsen Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria, South Africa

This exhibition brings together a group of artists, telling their stories of creation and journeys within the art world. Artists and the art community contribute so much to society, so this exhibition's goal is to show support for their efforts, skill, talent, and generosity. Where visitors can donate to artists with a small donation or the purchase of their artwork.

To start off this new year celebrating those we work with throughout the year, giving them a jump start.

“Save the Artist – An Endangered Breed” brings together local artists, sculpting, painting, drawing, that which communicates their ‘Artist Survival Story’. 

Artists can be considered social commentators, bringing attention to what is happening, not happening, or should be happening. Addressing the plight of people, animals, nations and organisations. However, we felt that it was time to bring attention to the lives, stories, efforts, and struggles of these artists. To create a space for them to tell their stories, delve into their journey with art, and bring us along. 

In much the same way that we have fundraisers and campaigns to fight for and donate to the anti-poaching and save-the-rhinos efforts, we are hosting this exhibition as a campaign to Save the Artists!

To donate, support, and show appreciation for the efforts, struggles, and skill of our local artists. These artists have created works in the shape of a rhino, imbedding it with their own lives and histories – including those of Sarel Petrus, Anton Smit and Loeritha Saayman.


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