After the Storm

October 29, 2022 - November 26, 2022

After the Storm 
Solo exhibition by Debbie Cloete

After the storm is a body of work that started as a response to the disturbances and confusion experienced worldwide over the past three years. Concepts surrounding unity, acceptance and kindness fuelled my thoughts in making the first works at the start of July. The simple hope that love and the uncomplicated act of giving it and receiving it, was what the world had learned; this was my starting point.

Over the past four months, the work has evolved, the objective and simple beginning became subjective and transformed into an introspective awareness regarding the nature of love, an acceptance of the material and philosophical constructs of life and a profound awareness of the inexplicable.

The work encompasses my processes of understanding and acceptance of both the seen and the unseen world. It attempts to illustrate my belief that what connects these two worlds together is the willingness to feel, accept and love without the cognitive need for understanding.


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