Khayelihle Ukhona

Ukhona Mthethwa (b. 2001) is a Pretoria-based artist born in Dannhauser, KwaZulu-Natal. He holds a diploma in Fine and Applied Arts from Tshwane University of Technology and is currently pursuing an advanced diploma. His artistic journey is manifest by his striking black figurative paintings that utilize acrylic and charcoal. His work predominantly features his KZN community, delving into their lives and struggles. Through his art, he challenges societal perceptions, questions traditional narratives, and underlying political narratives. His evocative portrayals have earned him growing recognition. While his collectors remain confidential, Ukhona's work continues to engage and provoke thought among audiences, underscoring his rising importance in the contemporary art scene.

Artist statement

As an artist, I am fascinated by traditional narratives and pollical narratives. Through my creative journey, I draw on different styles and symbols that represent each work. I strive to authentically represent Black figures and illuminate narratives of Black life within the realms of painting. This medium allows me to uncover the stories held within my community and bring forth the emotions, struggles, and untold stories. Using color, texture, and form, I seek to challenge societal perceptions and question traditional narratives. My work reflects the hidden traditional narratives that we all know and underlying political narratives.

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