Juanita Grobler

Juanita Grobler, a self-taught artist, born 1989 grew up in Hartbeespoort and currently resides in the east of Pretoria. Grobler works as an online English and Arts & Crafts teacher for primary school learners.

Grobler and her siblings enjoyed fabric painting from a very young age and took part in various types of crafting activities at the hands of their resourceful mother. It was there that her love for art first began to grow into a passion. At the age of 22, she took part in a group art exhibition at The Grandstand in Hartbeespoort, where she showcased her talent publicly for the very first time. From there, she regularly received requests to do commission work and continued her passion as a hobby whilst working as a teacher. 

Focusing mainly on acrylic and pen mediums, Grobler showcases a variety of works with a unique style. Her pen sketches are primarily composed of monochromatic dark ink, which predominantly depicts images of animals. Grobler’s acrylic portraits showcase a vibrant array of colours in both human and wildlife imagery.

Creating art is a deeply personal and fulfilling endeavour, motivated and inspired by emotional expression. Art allows for the expression of emotions that may be difficult to articulate through words. For Grobler the desire to create something visually captivating and emotionally stirring is a powerful drive.

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