Glendine is a South African artist, who was born in Namibia and matriculated in Windhoek. She was interested in art since she was a child and spent every moment in the art class. There, between all the paint and brushes she discovered her talent for art.

In 1983 the Santam Children art chose her work for a calendar and for an exhibition in Europe. After school, she studied Fine Arts at the Pretoria Technicon and Unisa. In 1991, she was invited to show her work in New York. A few years ago she started painting full time. She is more than 10 year an artist, using her talent and gifts every day!

She took part in numerous group exhibitions and had numerous solo exhibitions across the country. She was also invited for a solo exhibition in New York and received very good reaction. Her work is greatly renowned in South Africa. In addition, in the embassies in the UK, USA, Australia and South Africa.

Glendine's inspiration is from her childhood memories of landscapes created from human forms such as wires, deserted homesteads, rusty windmills, empty dams and dust-laden red sunsets. She showed incredible growth in her art. Her art is in great favor with art lovers. Her latest ranch is the exceptional, very colourful and special laslappies.

Glendine's more abstract masterpieces, focusing on chairs and graphic flowers and more recently phenomenal study of the female form, are able to communicate an array of emotions, sadness, passion, rage, tenderness.. in a nutshell, HEART. To highlight the intimacy of her work the artist often combines images and words to convey a personal image and touch.

Currently she is living in the Klein Karoo, in De Rust with her husband, Johan, a very special and an artist in his own right. She loves every part of the Klein Karoo the noise, the silence, the sun, the stars, the dust, the snow, the mountains, the openness, the endlessness, the colours. It raises an unrivalled passion in her that floods out onto her canvass. The pull of this wonderland has proved irresistible to Glendine.

Her art is seen in many home and decor magazines. Glendine sees her art as her passion and her calling. She is exceptionally grateful for her God given talent and thanks the Lord everyday for his grace by using her ability to paint to inspire and uplift those around her.

Nationality: Namibia
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